The Project Process


You hired me,

Now what?

I customize each timeline to suit individual client needs, but I'd like to give you an overview of how it normally goes. Let's say, for instance, that you wish to have me design a logo. First, I ask you lots of questions to figure out what the needs for your logo are. Then I create a contract for us to sign. Half of your expected cost will be due up front and the other half will be due when you have final files.

Once I understand your needs and have your deposit, I head to the drawing board. Literally. I will bring you 3-5 initial concepts, of which you will select your favorite or tell me that you want to see more ideas. Once we have a rough idea, I turn it into digital work for which you get three rounds of revision. Additional rounds of revision will cost more money, but I have no problem doing them. 

Your finished file kit will include multiple formats of your logo as well as all fonts used, a color book, and rights to the art work to use, display, and distribute as you wish. 


There's a reason this isn't like a restaurant. There's no menu option for pricing, because each project is so different. For small projects, like resumes and business cards, I charge hourly rates. For bigger projects, like logos, shirt design, brand development, and web design, your price will depend on a few factors:

urgency, customization, and expense - In other words, if you expect a project to be done very quickly and highly customized, it will drive your cost up. If you have a more laid back timeline, your cost will go down. There is no way for me to deliver you a fast, cheap, and amazingly customized logo. I'm sorry. It just isn't like that. All of that being said, I'm willing to work with any client to find a price point and timeline that works for them. It just needs to be fair for both of us. 

The Deal With Referrals 

I have good news. The more times we work together, the better it will be for both of us. I will start to know your needs as a client, and begin to learn what you like and do not like. I also offer a 10% discount to anyone who has sent their friends my way - you found me more work and you're awesome.