Project: Tantrum Boardsports


It all started when...

My professor came into class pretending to be my next client. She said she had a wakeboarding company based in New England and I needed to create a brand for it. She wanted a logo, hats for the guys in the workshop, and a magazine ad. 

I named the company Tantrum (as to her request, this is her favorite wakeboarding trick) and I chose the colors orange and blue, to represent the energy of the sport and being on the water. I tried to give the brand a 90s skateboarding feel, encompassing light leaks and vintage film grain. This project was heavily influence by David Carson. The logo is handwritten typography I drafted outside of the computer using traditional methods and then brought it into Illustrator to turn it into a vector graphic. 

My goal was to translate the energy of the sport along with the analog quality of creating custom wakeboards, as you'll see in the font choices and textures. 

The cover to the magazine ad. This ad is set up so that you would open the top right corner to find an inner spread, shown below: 

The cover above opens to this spread. It is two pages wide. 

The cover above opens to this spread. It is two pages wide. 

Click to enlarge and view the full mood board.