Project: Discovery Kids Ocean Game Posters

A window cling for a shop window

Poster 1

Meant to hang in a shop window, this window-cling style poster is meant to be an interactive piece for children who may be shopping in the store with a parent. A memory-maker and attention grabber, the intention is that the parent could stand on the other side of the glass to take a photo of their child in the window with their face in the hole. It was created using traditional watercolor and collage methods, influenced by Eric Carl. 

How the poster would be displayed in a storefront.

How the poster would be displayed in a storefront.

Poster 2

This poster is meant to be displayed in an otherwise-drab public transit area to brighten gray spaces and spike children's curiosity on what might be a boring commute home. The target audience was children (and their parents) in urban areas. The link at the bottom is not real, but would lead to a discovery game with ocean facts for kids.