Project: Country Creek Winery

Branding Package

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The Country Creek Winery is a real local business. 

They are a family-owned winery with a music venue. The venue is an old, creaky-floor barn that's always filled with music and laughter in the summer months. The venue attracts folk artists, and is decorated with Christmas lights and antiques. I wanted to capture the small-town, cozy feel of this venue and all that it offers. 

At the top of this page, you will see a bunch of preliminary font pairings. Next you'll see tags to go on the wine with prices (on homemade paper, to give it an artisan feel). Below you'll see the front and back to a 5 x 7" wine menu that I watercolored using traditional methods. There are also three variations of the wine bottle sticker, one for red wine, one for white, and one for fruit wines. A customized cork tops it all off. Last but not least, you'll see the reserved sign they place on the tables when a guest calls and reserves a table (which you have to do if you want to sit down, it's only tiny).