Hi, I'm Lyssa.

I love all things art + design. I also love adventure. Let's colloborate + turn your ideas into real things.

I explore and enjoy many art forms including: graphic design, interior design, fine art, and photography.

Let's make something cool together.


Services offered:
Logo Design + Branding
Business Card Design
Shirt Design
Web Design
Marketing Campaign Design
Social Media Development
Family Portraits
Product Photography

Wondering if I do it? Just ask!

A little about me:

At first I was just a kid who wanted to watercolor and garden a lot. As the years went by, my parents realized that art and design were things I gravitated toward consistently. I loved to exercise creativity. No one found it surprising when I ended up a graphic designer. I have a passion for collaboration, sharing ideas, and making it happen (not just talking about making it happen). I'm also a sucker for a good hike and a good taco. Back to back. 

I attended Wilkes University and hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Integrative Media: an interdisciplinary major that combined print design, web design, photo + video, marketing, and fine art into one. While at Wilkes, I completed two internships, one with Montage Mountain Ski Resort and another with Wilkes Adventure Education. 

After college, I spent 22 days on the road, traveling the beautiful USA with my best friend and then accepted my full time position as a graphic designer and marketing coordinator with Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops (six stores in southeastern Pennsylvania) in August 2016.

I am currently building a side business through freelance work and custom design and I hope you will be a part of it. My goal is to work with twenty clients during 2017.